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This Week's Event

Space Power Forum: Maj Gen Leah Lauderback

  • Event Date: April 2
  • Speaker: Maj Gen Leah Lauderback, Director of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Headquarters U.S. Space Force

Planned Events


Space Power Forum: Maj Gen DeAnna Burt

  • Event Date: May, TBD
  • Speaker: Maj Gen DeAnna Burt, Commander, Combined Force Space Component Command; Commander, Combined Force Space Component, U.S. Space Command; and Deputy Commander, Space Operations Command, U.S. Space Force,

Nuclear Deterrence Forum: Lt Gen Dawkins

  • Event Date: TBD
  • Speaker: Lt Gen James Dawkins Jr., Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Deterrence and Nuclear Integration

Aerospace Nation: Lt Gen David Nahom

  • Event Date: TBD
  • Speaker: TBD

Nuclear Deterrence Forum: ADM Charles Richard

  • Event Date: TBD
  • Speaker: TBD

Previous Events

March 2021                                                                         

Aerospace Nation: Gen Jacqueline Van Ovost

  • Event Date: March 31
  • Speaker: Gen Jacqueline D. Van Ovost, Commander, Air Mobility Command

Nuclear Deterrence and Missile Defense Forum: Frank Miller Transcript | Podcast 

  • Event Date: March 23
  • Speakers: Frank Miller,  Principal of The Scowcroft Group

Aerospace Nation: Actualizing “Accelerate Change” with Lt Col Mike Benitez Transcript Podcast

  • Event Date: March 18
  • Speaker: Lt Col Mike Benitez, Director of Staff for the Air Force's 53rd Wing 

Aerospace Nation: Panel on Augmented Reality Transcript Podcast

  • Event Date: March 16
  • Speakers: long-time SASC staffer Robert “Otis” Winkler and Red 6’s Gen (Ret) Mike Holmes and Dan Robinson

Nuclear Deterrence and Missile Defense Forum: Dr. Mark Schneider Transcript Podcast

  • Event Date: March 11
  • Speakers: Dr. Mark Schneider, Senior Analyst at the National Institute for Public Policy

Aerospace Nation: Aerospace Vectors for the Incoming Biden Defense Team - Paper  Transcript Podcast

  • Event Date: March 4
  • Speakers: Lt Gen (Ret.) Dave Deptula, Maj Gen (Ret.) Larry Stutzriem, and Doug Birkey

February 2021                                                                         

Aerospace Nation: Lt Gen James C. Slife - Transcript Podcast

  • Event Date: February 16
  • Speaker: Lt Gen James C. Slife, Commander, Air Force Special Operations Command

Aerospace Nation: Brig Gen Heather Pringle - Transcript Podcast

  • Event Date: February 4
  • Speaker: Brig Gen Heather L. Pringle, Commander, Air Force Research Laboratory

January 2021                                                                         

Aerospace Nation: Gen James H. Dickinson - Transcript  |  Podcast

  • Event Date: January 26
  • Speaker: Gen James H. Dickinson, Commander of the United States Space Command 

Aerospace Nation: Never Mind We'll Do It Ourselves - Book Launch - Transcript | Slides

  • Event Date: January 22
  • Speaker: Retired USAF Col Mark Cooter, former CIA case officer Alec Bierbauer, and co-author Michael Marks 

Aerospace Nation: Lt Gen Richard Clark - Transcript

  • Event Date: January 21
  • Speaker:  Lt Gen Richard Clark, 21st Superintendent of the United States Air Force Academy 

Nuclear Deterrence Forum: VADM Johnny Wolfe - Transcript

  • Event Date: January 14
  • Speaker: VADM Johnny Wolfe, Director of the U.S. Navy’s Strategic Systems Program (SSP) 

December 2020                                                                         

Space Power Forum: Brig Gen Brook Leonard - Transcript

  • Event Date: December 21
  • Speaker: Brig Gen Brook Leonard, Chief of Staff, United States Space Command

Aerospace Nation: Dr. Richard Joseph

  • Event Date: December 17
  • Speaker: Dr. Richard J. Joseph, Chief Scientist of the United States Air Force

Nuclear Deterrence Forum: Lt Gen (Ret) Richard Formica and Brig Gen (Ret) Kenneth Todorov - Video

  • Event Date: December 16
  • Speakers: Retired Army Lt. Gen. Richard Formica, Vice President of Strategic Accounts at
    CALIBRE; and retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Kenneth Todorov, Sector Vice President and General Manager at Northrop Grumman

20th Nuclear Triad Symposium | See all panels | Slides

  • Event Date: December 10
  • Mitchell Panel: “Hypersonic Technology, Strategic Bombers and Nuclear Weapons: Resetting De-terrence” briefing with Mark Gunzinger

Aerospace Nation: EW/EMS Superiority Roundtable - Slides

  • Event Date: December 9
  • Speakers: Mr. Dave Tremper, Director, Electronic Warfare, Office of the Secretary of Defense; Col Bill Young, Commander, 53rd Electronic Warfare Group (EWG), Eglin Air Force Base; Dr. Ilya Lipkin, Senior Engineer and technical expert for AFLCMC sensors and engineering directorate; Brig Gen Dave Abba, Director, F-35 Integration Office; Brig Gen AnnMarie K. Anthony, Deputy Director of Operations for Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations and the Mobilization Assistant to the Director of Operations, U.S. Strategic Command

Aerospace Nation: Lt Gen Joseph T. Guastella - Video

  • Event Date: December 8
  • Speaker: Lt Gen Joseph T. Guastella, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations at U.S. Air Force Headquarters

6th Annual West Coast Aerospace Forum--Special Aerospace Nation: Actualizing Joint All Domain Command and Control--The Way Ahead

Mitchell Institute Aerospace Nation Playlist