Senior Visiting Fellows

The Mitchell Institute's senior visiting fellows provide subject matter expertise that spans the aerospace dialogue ranging from authoring our studies and contributing to publications, to providing their expertise and perspectives in interviews, op-eds, and at key events and forums. 

Gen John P. Jumper, USAF (Ret.)
Former Chief of Staff, US Air Force 
Gen Charles Wald, USAF (Ret.) 
Former Deputy Commander, U.S. European Command 
Lt Gen Richard Newton, USAF (Ret.)
Former Assistant Vice Chief of Staff, Headquarters Air Force 
Lt Col Michael A Buck, USAF (Ret.)
Boeing 777 Flight Instructor, Former F-15 and F-16 Squadron Commander
Gen Ronald Keys, USAF (Ret.) 
Former Commander, Air Combat Command
Maj Gen Curtis Bedke, USAF (Ret.)
Author/Speaker, Former Director, AF Research Labs
Col Gabriel Vann Green, USAF (Ret.) 
Author, Former F-15E Pilot 
Kevin Billings 
Founder and CEO, Legation Strategies 
John Lehman
Former Professional Staff Member,
Senate Armed Services Committee
Michael C. Sirak
Author and Editor 
Lt Col Michelle Ruehl
Professor, US Air Force Academy
Bruce Johnson 
Former Professional Staff Member,
House Armed Services Committee
Bruce Lemkin 
Former Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force, International Affairs
James Swartout 
Executive, MITRE Corporation’s National Security Sector