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Exploiting Airpower’s Missile Defense Advantage: The Case for Aerial Boost Phase Interception

In this paper, Alcazar, a Mitchell non-resident fellow and veteran fighter pilot who worked missile defense issues on the Air Staff, and the Mitchell Institute’s Schanz note that cheap and increasingly capable ballistic missiles have become a go-to weapon of choice for potential US adversaries looking for effective means to hold US forces and allies at risk. In the aftermath of the November 2017 North Korean Hwasong-15 missile test, which demonstrated an ICBM that could deliver heavy warheads to the American mainland, the improved missile capability made clear a “substantial challenge” now exists to US security that may not be mitigated by conventional or nuclear deterrent forces. The abil

Access, Control, Exploit: Defining Multi-Domain Operations

The phrase “multi-domain operations” (known as MDOs) is now pervasive in current military writings and analysis. Unfortunately, most authors fail to define it, leading to confusion. Worse, it can seem as if people are discussing the same set of issues when they are not. This paper attempts to rectify the situation, examining each component word and then the phrase as a whole. Warfighting in a single domain is about gaining access to the domain in question, controlling the domain, and exploiting that control to create effects. However, multi-domain operations are more than operations in adjacent domains. To possess meaning as a distinct phrase, there must be some relationship in the access, c

Organizing for Cyber Resilience: Rethinking the Balance Between Prevention and Response

Cybersecurity is once again in headlines. A new White House cyber strategy released in September promises a more offensive response to cyber threats and cyber attacks whether from criminals or nation states. However, Valentine notes that debates on cyber defense and security that are often dominated by turf battles between agencies over responsibilities and proposed response options often “address the wrong choices.” Valentine, a former F-16 pilot, commander, and staff officer who now works with the Microsoft Corporation’s efforts to support the US Army, notes this outcome is a result of incorrectly identifying the true nature of the cyber environment. Referencing the ideas of management t

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