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Building the Future Bomber Force America Needs: The Bomber Re-Vector

The growing gap between mission capacity and real-world demand is felt in nearly every single Air Force mission set today. Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson’s call to grow the number of squadrons speaks to this challenge. No mission area exemplifies this struggle better than airborne long-range strike. The Air Force faces a surge in demand for bombers, with a senior leader recently explaining that combatant command demand for the type has gone up 1,100% in recent years. However, the service is struggling to meet this requirement given that it is operating the smallest bomber fleet it has fielded since the Great Depression—157 aircraft. They have been used in every post-Cold War con

Network Superiority: The Foundation of Future Warfare

In an era where information stands as a critical tool for success in the prosecution of modern military operations, the Department of Defense is falling behind in providing combatant commanders a modern, effective wide area network, Penney notes. A key factor driving this challenge is the Department of Defense’s outdated perspective regarding information and the value it presents to modern combat operators. Due to a centralized information management approach within the Department of Defense that limits that individual service's ability to exploit new operational concepts, the US military's network capability lags behind commercial equivalents. An alternative approach, Penney writes, is to

Securing 21st Century Combat Success: The Munition Effects Revolution

The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies is pleased to announce the release of its latest in-depth research study today at AFA's annual Air, Space, and Cyber Conference at National Harbor, MD, Securing 21st Century Combat Success: The Munition Effects Revolution, by Maj Gen Lawrence A. Stutzriem, USAF (Ret.) and Col Matthew M. Hurley, USAF (Ret.). Combat aviation is on the verge of a new kinetic strike revolution. With pin-point accuracy now an assured strike capability, the reality of modern aerial warfare yields expectations of even more versatile options for force employment. These options center around shaping the scale, scope, and vector of weapons to deliver highly customized kinet

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