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Leading in the 21st Century:The Network Centric Challenge

The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies is pleased to release the newest publication in its Forum paper series, Leading in the 21st Century: The Network Centric Challenge, by Col Herbert C. Kemp, Ph.D., USAF (Ret.). Kemp, a veteran Air Force intelligence officer, explores the rise of the so-called "network centric environment," and how modern communications, the increased volume of information, and shrinking decision making cycles have not only changed how the world conducts business and culture, it is transforming how militaries organize and carry out leadership tasks in war. Despite the advances of the information age, the armed forces are still largely built around industrial age mod

Hypersonic Weapons and US National Security: A 21st Century Breakthrough

Whether holding hardened nuclear facilities at risk or targeting an enemy's mobile ballistic missiles, the US faces severe challenges when it comes to striking high value targets in heavily defended regions around the globe. Hypersonic air-delivered munitions hold much potential for addressing key capability gaps. While this technology has existed for decades in the science and technology community, recent achievements paired with burgeoning requirements suggest it is time to transition this capability to the operational realm. Press Release Slides

Beyond Goldwater-Nichols: Roles And Missions Of The Armed Services In The 21st Century

The Second World War and the Cold War were immense and existential security challenges posed to Americans and our allies in the middle of the 20th century. Members of the so-called “Greatest Generation” prevailed against incredibly daunting odds, successfully building and adapting our military forces to the task of global industrial age conflict. Today, the grandchildren of that generation are carrying on the tradition of service, facing a far more diverse set of security concerns. At the same time, the progress of the Information Age has sped up the conduct of warfare. These trends have yielded an exceedingly challenging set of circumstances as the US seeks to defend its interests and secur

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