Air Force Fellows

Since 1958, the Air Force has carefully chosen a small number of officers to serve five month tours at distinguished civilian academic institutions, inter-governmental agencies, and think tanks. The focus areas of the Strategic Policy Fellowship is to solidify relationships with civilian academic and policy communities, broaden and develop senior leadership competencies, and evaluate national and international security policy and processes. Through this program, the Mitchell Institute invests in the future by supporting the development and education of future Air Force leaders.


Since the spring session of academic year 2014, the following individuals have been Mitchell Institute Fellows:

Major Tyler Marcotte
Mobility Pilot
2018 - Fall
Major John Duray
U-28/MQ-9 Pilot
2017 - Fall
Major Scott Korell
KC-135 Pilot
2016 - Fall
Major David Cochran
F-15E Pilot
2015 - Fall 
Lt Col Kevin Eley
Mobility Pilot
2018 - Spring
Major Andrew Stolee
F-22 Pilot
2017 - Spring
Major Derek Molloy
Airfield Operator
2016 - Spring
Major Stephen Bonin
Nuclear & Missile Ops
2015 - Spring
Major Scott Gunn
F-35 Pilot
2014 - Spring