CRS Report: U.S. Strategic Nuclear Forces: Background, Developments, and Issues

Even though the United States is in the process of reducing the number of warheads deployed on its long-range missiles and bombers, consistent with the terms of the New START Treaty, it also...


GAO: Cybersecurity- Actions Needed to Strengthen U.S. Capabilities

Testimony Before the Subcommittee on Research and Technology, Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, House of Representatives

GAO has consistently identified shortcomings in the federal government’s...


CBO Report: Projected Costs of U.S. Nuclear Forces, 2017 to 2026

Nuclear weapons have been a cornerstone of U.S. national security since they were developed during World War II. In the Cold War, nuclear forces were central to U.S. defense policy, resulting in the buildu...


DOD: FY 2016 Annual Report on Cost Assessment Activities

The estimated cost of this report for the Department of Defense is approximately $70,000 in Fiscal Years 2016-2017. This includes $65,000 in expenses and $5,000 in DoD labor.

President Obama signed the Weapon Syste...


Rand Study: 2016 Assessment of the Civilian Acquisition Workforce Personnel Demonstration Project

Key Findings:

Aspects of AcqDemo That Are Performing Well

  • Salary levels, salary growth, and retention outcomes in AcqDemo were similar to those in the GS system, after co...