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Mitchell Institute Forum

"GHOST FLEET: A Novel of the Next World War"

Speakers: Dr. Peter. W. Singer, Co-author of GHOST FLEET

Date: Thursday August 6, 2015

Location: Air Force Association, Arlington VA

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Mitchell Institute Symposium

Aerospace Power Forum

Speakers: To Be Announced

Save the Date: Friday, December 4, 2015

Location: RAND, Santa Monica CA



Mitchell Institute Space Breakfast

"The Importance of Assured Launch to Space"

Speaker: Lt Gen Samuel Greaves, Cmdr, Space and Missile Systems Center

Date: Friday, July 31, 2015

Location: The Capitol Hill Club

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   Aerospace Dialogue   

Mitchell in the News

·        Turkey Opens Key Air Bases for US Strikes On ISIS

By Marcus Weisgerber – July 23, 2015

·        What You Don’t Hear in the Media: A Defense of Drones

By Brian Glyn Williams – July 10, 2015

·         Most Combat Sorties end without striking ISIS

By Jeff Schogol - July 8 2015

·         F-16 Vs. F-35 In A Dogfight: JPO, Air Force Weigh in on Who’s Best

By Colin Clark - July 2 2015
Key Preliminary Findings of the High Level International Military Group on the Gaza Conflict
Human Rights Council (UNHRC) - June 12, 2015

·         Redefining the mission against ISIS
By Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas - June 11, 2015

·         Military leaders believe US escalation in Iraq is inevitable
By Mark Perry - June 11, 2015

·         How to defeat the Islamic State
By David A. Deptula - June 5, 2015




"Innovation in the USAF"
by Col Jean-Patrice Le Saint, French Air Force
Exchange Officer with the Strategic Studies Group of the Chief of Staff of the USAF

**This article was published in the "Revue de la defense nationale"  and released for Paris-Le Bourget Airshow, June 2015**

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